My Thoughts On The Future Of Esports

Hello dear reader or maybe listener, I decided I wanted to get some of my thoughts out of my head and into the internet. I thought of maybe scripting a video, however, I ended up turning on my microphone and just started talking. These ended up being a very raw recording which I explain in the podcast. I highly recommend listening to my podcast before doing some very light reading or watching the videos below. The videos are there for you to watch at your own leisure and for background information, I have also linked news sources within the article.

To be clear, this is more of just a place for you to get information regarding what I talk about on my podcast rather than my typical detailed article which I link my podcast too. I have a few articles coming up so look forward to them!

Philip DeFranco - How ESPORTS Became a $1.1 Billion Industry: Sold Out Stadiums, HUGE Prize $$$, Twitch & More…

theScore esports – How the CGS Disaster Almost Destroyed Esports in NA

GBay100 - Are Esports A BUBBLE That's About To BURST?

I don’t talk about his video in my podcast, however, I feel he has some amazing points and I recommend watching or listening to him for another opinion!

The Smash Brothers Documentary

The Story of SquishyMuffinz

The Telecom Wars

Unknown Tekken God

Around the ten-minute mark, I start to get into the idea that I feel that the industry can go in three directions which upon listening back and reflection I don’t necessarily feel gets across my point of view nor does it explain my ideas.

The bubble ideas I clime could happen are:

1.       We are in a bubble or about to see the bubble pop

2.       Slow growth and industry learning how to create correct business models and sustainable growth with sponsorships

3.       Huge growth and we are in the early days and there is a lot more growth to happen.

I don’t disagree that these are some outcomes that could happen, but it doesn’t allow for much versatility. Business and a section of gaming which in the west is so young is going to most lightly see a lot of change. This change is very difficult to predict, while I’m not someone that has worked within the industry I have competed and spectated loads of events and games. I’ve seen the lifeblood and drives these games and the players and people that run the events and had conversations with them.

Esports is not something that is going to go away, but it’s not something that’s easy to predict.

I talk about the twitch streamer Sonii which Twitter and Twitch are linked. Apologies I knew he was part of SK T1 but in my podcast, I referred to them as SK which is incorrect, and I am sorry for this confusion it may cause.


Zero – Smash Player is now sponsored by Team Liquid (I did know this I just forgot until I was getting links)


Information regarding the marketing directly towards young adult males from the marketing company NewZoo

Kim Phan leaving blizzard after thirteen years of service and was the Global Product Director for Blizzard Esports

Blizzard layoffs

Prize Pay-outs from 2018

This is a joke but – the correct way to spell esports

The marketing that was used for Apex Legends – The Completely Harmless "Fortnite Killer" - Apex Legends

Old MLG Halo 3 top ten – Top Ten ESPN/MLG Halo 3 #1

Overall, I don’t know what's going to happen, I’m excited about what the future of esports can offer but I think there is a lot that you can take from it. There is a lot of interest from people inside and outside of the industry some expecting to make a very good return on investment some doing it as they love the industry, who knows what might happen.

I’m going to remain optimistic and hopeful for the future of esports, as someone that would love to work in the industry but also as someone that has been a long-time spectator!

I would also like to add, as I said in my podcast, I feel it is always important to get all of your information on any topic you are interested in from more than once source. I spoke a lot about theScore esports content and I do like their content a lot, that I don’t take everything they say as final. You should always verify news and information!

What are your thoughts on esports? Where can you see things going and do you have any hopes for the future?